This site is used to showcase some of my website and graphic design work.

I started digital design as a young boy with my artistry received mostly from my mother, who is a painter. As I grew I was selected Design Editor of my middle school yearbook. My designs in high school were given top praise and selected for use in print for promoting school events. Though it was after school where I spent the majority of my time designing in projects that interested me.

A lot of the graphic design on this website is from when I was a teenager making avatars and signatures for use on forums. The showcased websites were created more recently. I have done much more than this, though this is what's been saved through the years.

Currently I am creating a custom coded Patreon-like site for a client with PHP, PostgreSQL, Stripe, and a user system with roles. This is a great project and I am enjoying what I am learning, especially in regards to programming.

I love digital design as it blends my passions of technology and creativity. I am a fan of simple and beautiful design. And when functional, I like it cohesive and easy-to-use. There is a spirit to all design and it should fit into the character it resides.

Site Specs: Debian Stable, Apache, Let's Encrypt, HTML.